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    Greetings to all!

    I have a question, I have an open source survey application, I would like to integrate it with espo so that they can share a directory database, so that the import is only in espo and is reflected in the other application.
    Can someone guide me if this is possible?

    Thanks for your attention, and sorry if my message is not clear, I use the google translator.

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    Hi, you need to use coding to do this. I think it call "Webhook", there is no way to do this through Administration GUI


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      Hi, yes this is possible but will require coding, espcrm is right.

      Depending on how you want to approach this project, and your level of comfort with writing code, there are four alternatives that I can think of:

      1) If you want Espo to notify your other application when a record is created, updated or deleted you need to use a webhook

      2) If you want your external application to poll Espo for information or perform an action you would need to use an API call

      3) If you are familiar with the database schema and general architecture for both Espo and your application, you could write a PHP script in either of the applications (Espo or the external) to perform SQL commands directly on the database.

      4) If you don't feel comfortable doing the above work yourself, hire an Espo professional developer, they are listed here: and at least 2 of them emillod and eymen-elkum are currently active participants in this forum (I apologize if I omitted any other developer who also provides answers in the forum )
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