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How to update new record from previous month record - Stock Module

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  • How to update new record from previous month record - Stock Module


    I'm trying to create a stock maintaining module inside of the CRM. So I got below entities

    Items - for maintain stock items
    Stocks - maintaining Previous month stock/New stock/New Stock date/Total Stock/Total Issue/Month End Stock/Stock Month
    Supplies - Item Name/Branch/Supply Units/Supply Date

    In this case im stuck with the data fetching from the previous month. I hope that can be done but something there i missed.

    What I need at the moment is to fetch previous month "Month End Stock" to new month field "previous month stock"

    Eg: January 2020 "Month End Stock" = 100 & February 2020 "Previous Month Stock" = 100

    is there anyone know a way to do this. ? Im going to continue this thread as this is help us to built a different module with some complex conditions im guess.

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    Can I have someone's input for above ?


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      Your question is difficult to answer. It's not clear. Whether you asking about how to better design your module or how to fetch something from DB with a specific parameters.


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        yurikuzn If you can help me on better design its much easier for me

        Basically what I need is to fetch data with specific parameters.

        As per to the attachments Jan.png containing Month End Stock as 345 what I need is to put that 345 to the Feb.png Previous Month Stock

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          yurikuzn any luck with above ?