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  • CRM & Facebook integration

    Hello to everyone!
    I try to integrate Facebook Ads in Espo, to get leads. But EspoCRM is not supported by Facebook((
    How can I integrate it? Who has experience with that?

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    Wouldn't Facebook need to support EspoCRM? It not something EspoCRM can do as the option is not there. I'm not sure if Facebook have API you use, if there is then you need to integrate it with EspoCRM.

    However, everything I say it based on "theory", I have not done either and currently still researching on the very basis use of API. I used API Key before but setting it up to retrieve and input data through API is quite new to me.

    Looking through documents probably will help you if you coding skill is good enough. I think this thread is quite relevant to you:


    • Michael B
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      Thanks! I'll try to figure it out.

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    If someone knows a simple solution - please share


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      You could also email/message support for Technically support, asking my (EspoCRM) is not available on the list. How can I add them or get the developer to support them.

      But it might be a long progress cause they might not response at all.


      • Michael B
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        That's good idea! Thanks!

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      This thread might be of interest to you:

      Yuri mention v6 where documentation for API will begin which is quite important for Integration. Also look out for Github commits for these changes and the v6.0.0 milestone.
      It might be quite long before we reach v6 though. I'm guessing maybe Q1 or Q2 2021 earliest.

      Especially with the "re-write class" part, but this topic is for another thread.


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        Hi Michael. eymen-elkum make an Extension do it easily.


        • eymen-elkum
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          Thank you for the reference Riad,

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        Hi Michael B ,

        We have made a Facebook application for collecting the facebook ads into espocrm, but we were in hurry and made the solution for a specific client.

        If you are interest we can duplicate the work for your copy of crm,

        Later when we have the time we are going to make this as service that easy to be subscribed and used.

        Best Regards
        Eymen Elkum | Eblasoft Ltd.
        Espocrm extension & development


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          Thanks! I'll check it out