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Use EspoCRM to create, render and print documents with electronic signatures

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    Hi telecastg,

    I'm using the Template PDF print, does eSignature support this at the moment? Using 1.0.5. Having trouble printing it at the moment, tried all the "imagefield" type and that didn't work.

    Is the only way to get it to Print PDF is through this method? custom/Espo/Custom/Resources/metadata/clientDefs/WorkOrder.json

    It look like we can only have 1 PDF Template if we use this custom template? Also I'm having trouble getting it to work as well. Here my code:

    "controller": "controllers/record",
    "boolFilterList": [
    "iconClass": "fas fa-money-check-alt",
    "recordViews": {
    "detail": "esignature:views/record/detail"
    I added the records view at the bottom of the existing code that is already there.


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      Hi espcrm, yes, it is the only way to print with the extension, but it does allow you to choose any template that you have.

      You don't have to change your templates but to insert the esignature you need to use the custom placeholders @@sig[ ]/sig@@

      The standard PDF engine used by Espo does not work because it is based on TCPDF and the extension uses your browser's PDF engine instead to render the document

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        Can ome one help me i did install it and everything looks like its working fine but when i add it to Administration > Layout Manager > Work Order > Detail and load it the signature pad don't load at all it shows the filed title "accept" but the pad wont load
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        Seems like this is dead after V6? Any chance the code can be ported? It seems to have been pulled off GitHub unfortunately.


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          A commercial version is now available here: eSignature Extension for EspoCRM - Payhip‚Äč


          • 3rdtec
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            Hi, is the extension still available? If yes, where can I buy it? The link above is broken...

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          Thanks telecastg -- Is that actively maintained ( at least kept current with EspoCRM ) and supported?


          • telecastg
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            Hi, yes it is actively maintained and current with EspoCRM.

            Support is provided for extension related issues.

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          Please note that sales of this extension and others have been suspended at present as they have not been tested with Espo 8 and above.

          Until we decide to migrate to Espo 8 (still evaluating), I will not be able to sell or offer any support for our custom code.

          If we decide to migrate, I will test the extensions and will offer them back at Payhip.



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            HI Telecastg, the msg is not relavant to the post but i am unable to msg you directly on the forum not sure why.
            please DM me.