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Ability to create and modify checklists as a custom field inside any entity

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  • Ability to create and modify checklists as a custom field inside any entity

    In our EspoCRM application we have an entity "Service Task" that describes a customer request and I was looking for a way to integrate a micro "to do list" into this entity as a field and thus created a custom type of field that combines the advantages of the array field type (add or delete items on the fly) and the checklist field type (mark items as done/not done or any other boolean condition) which works perfectly for this purpose.

    For those interested, it is packaged as a free extension and can be downloaded here:

    To install:
    1) Download the zip file
    2) Go to Administration >> Extensions click "Browse" to select the zip file and then click "Upload"
    3) Click "Install" after the zip file has been uploaded
    4) Rebuild EspoCRM

    To add as new field to any entity:
    1) Go to Administration >> Entity Manager >> {{your entity}} and click "Add Field"
    2) Select type "Dynamic Checklist" and enter the desired parameters (name, label, etc)


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    Hello Telecastg,
    nice.. thanks for this... but maybe a ehancement :

    data stored in database is : ["A;;1","B;;1","C;;1"]

    it's not possible to store in Json format ? on developpement (php code) is more easy like so :


    And so, we can "search" in these field, actually can't be done.
    so we respect espoCRM intelligency

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      Good suggestion item data storage is an array of json objects, extension version is 1.0.1 now :-)
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        telecastg This is great! Thanks


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          Hello Telecastg,
          Still same....we can't make a search on this field ... really it's a must have.
          And you can add more than one the same value
          And you click X for remove one item, it's not removed from interface .. upon update.

          maybe blueprint can ehance this .. i have no skill in front-end :s

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            item This is just my two pence but I'm not really sure how the search feature would work on a field such as this.

            The search would have to load up all of the options against all of the dynamic-checklist fields within a specified Entity and then display them in a (potentially huge) list.


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              Hello blueprint , outofbox checklist .. can be searched : ["A","B"]

              maybe Yuri can adapt this, it's a wonderfull extension.. thanks to telecastg ...
              we need absolutly preserve the "core intelligency" of espoCRM.. so if this contribution of telecastg is "core ready" .. it's perfect.

              It's too my 1 cents pence..
              And i don't have skill for this ..



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                Hello item working on the duplicate value and item remove bugs, had underestimated the changes needed when dealing with json objects instead of a simple string, but it will be done soon I hope.

                With regards to search, I haven't looked into it because I have no use for that capability for this module in my application but if you help guiding me to the scripts that handle the search in the front end and back end I will look into it if I have time also.
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                  Hello telecastg,

                  espoCRM is the best CRM i have never see.. and your extension is wonderfull ..
                  i think it's not hard your extension to be "incorporate" in espoCRM outOfBox... i think just the way of data are stored in database
                  sample in database :
                  {"assignedUserId":"1","assignedUserName":"Admin "}
                  {"eventType":"Meeting","eventId":"5db6bff6beded 92f 4","inviteeId":"5d5d8b0252e467552","inviteeType ":" User","link":"users"}
                  {"statusValue":"New","statusField":"status","st atu sStyle":"default"}

                  without [ ] (bracket).. just look database "note", "uniqueId", "preferences", "integration".... entity,

                  sorry, i have no skill in front-end .. (my next step to learn)... but i think .. if you store data without [ ] .. it's ok i think

                  Thanks for all

                  PS : i have modified in database the field to this : {"A":"1", "B":"0"} . ... and search work.. but on label :s ... so we return on blueprint 2 cents pence

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                  • telecastg
                    telecastg commented
                    Editing a comment
                    The array field, on which this extension is based, stores data in a text field using the notation [data1,data2,data3,etc...]

                    The only modification that I did was to store a json object instead of a "data" element inside the array, so the information is now stored as an array of json objects [{json1},{json2},{json3},etc...]
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                  Version 1.0.2 ready. Fixed bugs: Duplicate items are no longer allowed, item removal works. Added capability to edit existing item labels.



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                    Note: As currently implemented the Print to PDF out of the box feature in EspoCRM will not render the <input type="checkbox"> element in PDF so only the labels of a dynamic checklist can be printed to PDF as of now.

                    Assuming that a dynamic checklist field name is "toDo", Use this code in your template to include the checklist labels:
                      {{#each toDo}}