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Print to PDF - Printing a group of records

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  • Print to PDF - Printing a group of records


    In the Print to PDF, how do i format multiples rows for e.g list of cases. When i do that now, i get each case on one page? The documentation is not helpful enough helping me understand how to use define the template. The report feature in the advance pack appears not very useful and we may have to drop it and other third party tool such as Reportico (open source reporting tool).

    Is there any full documentation and examples on this?

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    There is few things which can help you.
    1. You can use PDF variable from this page:
    2. You can move value to the next page using <br pagebreak="true"> parameter


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      Now, what you have given me is more greek to me than the documentation. I dont understand what you are telling me to do. So sorry.
      Its ok. We have decided to dump this feature in Espocrm and advise all our companies and partners to drop all reporting functions in both Espocrm and Advance Pack. They have been advised to use Reportico Joomla component for all reporting purposed. We have also made the same recommendations in the product reviews.

      Thank you for the help.
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