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How to work with relationships

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  • How to work with relationships

    Hello there,
    I'm just starting to work with ESPO and trying to figure out the system,
    I am trying to create a relationship between contracts which are family members - meaning: I want to have the contact card to also display all his known relatives (brother-sister and so on)
    I'm assuming i need to do this with another table called relatives (many-to-one) which holds the contact person id and then list of his relative id (another contact person) - can someone please guide me on how i make this happen- i mean, do i create another entity, and if so, how do i like the primary and secondary keys (id)...
    Also, is there a way to display the list of relatives (pull the list and then the contact information for each) and display it in a sub-table?
    Thank you in advance for the help

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    Just add a relationship with the EntityManager to contact in contact,than go to the DisplayManager under relationships and add it.