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  • API request missing contacts

    Hello Guys

    Am new working with CRM and Rest API. We have a script that request our CRM using the api to list the total contact list and to create a file with this list. Our problem: i noticed that after adding a new contact, it doesn't show in the result of the script and the file, still can see the "total" number increasing, but it not the new user info. i have try the same request on a host in the same network, the request using Postman and the request from my host in a different network.


    ​​​​​​curl --user "myuser":"mypassword" https://mydomain.crm/api/v1/Contact >> List.json

    The file output:

    "total": 4,
    "list": [
    "name": "john doe",
    "titlle": "manager",
    "name": "Joan doe",
    "tittle": "CFO",
    "name": "Barney Stinson",
    "tittle": "Awesome",
    "name": "Ted Mosby",
    "tittle": "Architect",

    With all this info, i have some questions: it a way that i can filter all the users with the same name using the API request?
    2. What am doing wrong?
    3. is there a way to get only the new users using the API request?

    thank you so much to all and i will be waiting for your help.

    Best regards,
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