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  • Alternative Kanban View

    I would like some advice from any one who could offer any, please.

    I want to create an alternative Kanban view within EspoCRM for Tasks whereby the column heading is actually the name of each User within EspoCRM.

    The cards listed underneath represent the tasks assigned to the User and can be dragged/dropped accordingly. The Kanban view would only show users for a specified Team (i.e Sales team, Development, etc). Once a Task card is dragged across and dropped, this then updates the Assigned User field of the Task record.

    I think this would actually be a very useful feature within the system. Presently, when enabling Kanban view against an Entity, only an "enum" field can be used as the "Status" for a Kanban view. Is there any scope to widen this from "enum" fields to other types of field?

    Alternatively, it would be great if multiple Kanban views could be defined - displayed based on Team, Role, etc?


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    Ok, so after some blood, sweat, tears and confusion, I've managed to achieve what I wanted - and it works really well.

    The only thing that doesn't work yet is filtering and searching but for starters, it's a decent attempt (in my humble opinion )


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      Great job blueprint ! care to share how you did it ?


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        Indeed I shall, I just need to remember exactly what I did.

        In the grand scheme of things, what I'm aiming to achieve is different Kanban views which can be assigned to teams.


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          1. Add the 'enum' type field and enumerate all user in it. You can even set a formula to auto choose an appropiate user in according to an assigned user.
          2. Administration -> Entity Manager -> Task -> Edit -> Status Field = 'your-enum-field'.
          3. Check the 'Kanban view' box.
          4. The 'Ignored groups in Kanban view' can't be empty, so I suggest you to add the empty field to your 'enum' field and chose it here.


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            Maximus I had considered doing it this way however one thing this doesn't do is allow for filtering by teams nor does it update the "assigned user" when a task card is dragged and dropped, which is ultimately what we wanted.

            Also, we can secondary filter the kanban view by users of teams.