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  • Developer Support Packages?

    Are there any developer support packages which could be purchased to assist with 3rd party development of EspoCRM?

    So far, we have implemented EspoCRM as our defacto CRM system and having purchased both the advanced pack and the sales pack, we are looking at investing heavily in the system and making our main resource for a number of business activities.

    What we are also looking at doing is creating our own custom modules to handle a large number of other business features (additional inventory, serial numbering, pre-filtered nav items, etc).

    Are there any support package options (maybe a monthly subscription payment, for example) which we could subscribe to which would give us enhanced technical support should we require when developing our own backend or frontend modules?

    Thanks in advance.

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    You want developer from ESPO ? Or it can be some 3rd party company?


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      More developer support than a developer - we would develop the modules in-house but enhanced technical support or developer support is what we'd be looking for.