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  • Task Reminder for Creator of task

    It looks like the default reminder (popup or email) only gets sent to the Assigned User. Is there a way that the Creator could also get the reminder?

    The reason - sales team have a number of tasks that they send to engineering along with a required due date. The creator (sales guy) also wants a reminder that the task needs completion on a certain day/time else they may forget as well.

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    You can customize function getSubscriberList from \Espo\Hooks\Note\Notifications and include all persons who should be notified in $userList

    namespace Espo\Custom\Hooks\Note;
    use Espo\ORM\Entity;
    class Notifications extends \Espo\Hooks\Note\Notifications
        protected function getSubscriberList($parentType, $parentId, $isInternal = false)
             return $userList;


    • rmorgan
      rmorgan commented
      Editing a comment
      So I have created a new file with the function but its likely to take me days trying to understand the code structure in order to get the correct $userList variables. I guess what I am actually after is for Subscribers to get notified. Any more hints??

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    Well I have been playing - bearing in mind that I don't fundamentally understand the architecture of the code, my original assumption was that every N minutes (set by Admin->Send Email Reminders) some code would be processed and a reminder emailed to those 'users' that have a reminder set. Therefore I just need to intercept the code that runs every N minutes, mod it and job done....obviously not

    What I have done - is create a new file with the following -


    namespace Espo\Custom\Hooks\Note;
    use Espo\ORM\Entity;
    class Notifications extends \Espo\Hooks\Note\Notifications

    protected function getSubscriberList($parentType, $parentId, $isInternal = false)

    if (!$this->getMetadata()->get(['scopes', $parentType, 'stream'])) return [];

    $pdo = $this->getEntityManager()->getPDO();

    /*NEED TO MODIFY THIS TO find followers*/
    if (!$isInternal) {
    $sql = "
    SELECT created_by_id as userId
    FROM task
    WHERE id = " . $pdo->quote($parentId);

    } else {
    $sql = "
    SELECT subscription.user_id AS userId
    FROM subscription
    JOIN user ON = subscription.user_id
    entity_id = " . $pdo->quote($parentId) . " AND entity_type = " . $pdo->quote($parentType) . " AND
    user.type <> 'portal'

    $userList = $this->getEntityManager()->getRepository('User')->where([
    'isActive' => true
    ])->select(['id', 'type'])->find([
    'customWhere' => "AND IN (".$sql.")"

    file_put_contents('espocrm_mylog2.txt','.........' );
    file_put_contents('espocrm_mylog2.txt',$sql,FILE_A PPEND);
    file_put_contents('espocrm_mylog2.txt',$userList,F ILE_APPEND);
    file_put_contents('espocrm_mylog2.txt','*+++++++', FILE_APPEND);

    return $userList;

    I was hoping to log to a file the users but the users always appear empty. This file only seems to get executed when I create \ update a task with a notification, not at the stage when the code is run (i.e .timer based). So therefore I seem to be missing a fundamental point of something but not sure what....?


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      What does the subscription table do?


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        Here is what I ended up doing - not sure if its the correct way to do it but it works! Others may find it useful.

        edit the file c:\birnami\espocrm-5.5.1-0\apps\espocrm\htdocs\application\espo\modules\crm \business\reminder\emailreminder.php
        add the following line of code below

        and also add a new function following the send function -

        protected function sendtocreator(Entity $reminder)

        $user = $this->getEntityManager()->getEntity('User', $reminder->get('userId'));
        $entity = $this->getEntityManager()->getEntity($reminder->get('entityType'), $reminder->get('entityId'));

        $mytask = $this->getEntityManager()->getEntity('Task', $entityid);
        $creator_emailAddress = $creator->get('emailAddress');

        $emailAddress = $user->get('emailAddress');

        //file_put_contents('espocrm_entity.txt','matching email addresses');
        $emailAddress = $creator->get('emailAddress');

        if (empty($user) || empty($emailAddress) || empty($entity)) {

        $email = $this->getEntityManager()->getEntity('Email');
        $email->set('to', $emailAddress);

        $subjectTpl = $this->getTemplateFileManager()->getTemplate('reminder', 'subject', $entity->getEntityType(), 'Crm');
        $bodyTpl = $this->getTemplateFileManager()->getTemplate('reminder', 'body', $entity->getEntityType(), 'Crm');

        $subjectTpl = str_replace(array("\n", "\r"), '', $subjectTpl);

        $data = array();

        $siteUrl = rtrim($this->getConfig()->get('siteUrl'), '/');
        $recordUrl = $siteUrl . '/#' . $entity->getEntityType() . '/view/' . $entity->id;
        $data['recordUrl'] = $recordUrl;

        $data['entityType'] = $this->getLanguage()->translate($entity->getEntityType(), 'scopeNames');
        $data['entityTypeLowerFirst'] = lcfirst($data['entityType']);

        if ($user) {
        $data['userName'] = $user->get('name');

        $preferences = $this->getEntityManager()->getEntity('Preferences', $user->id);
        $timezone = $preferences->get('timeZone');
        $dateTime = clone($this->dateTime);
        if ($timezone) {

        $htmlizer = new \Espo\Core\Htmlizer\Htmlizer($this->fileManager, $dateTime, $this->number, null);

        $subject = $htmlizer->render($entity, $subjectTpl, 'reminder-email-subject-' . $entity->getEntityType(), $data, true);
        $body = $htmlizer->render($entity, $bodyTpl, 'reminder-email-body-' . $entity->getEntityType(), $data, false);

        $email->set('subject', $subject);
        $email->set('body', $body);
        $email->set('isHtml', true);

        $emailSender = $this->mailSender;