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Workaround to TCPDF css limitations

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    custom/Espo/Custom/Services/PrintToWindow/Service.php is a typo, I apologize.

    The file name is PrintToWindowService.php the folder path is custom/Espo/Custom/Services/

    I corrected the post.

    I suggest that you look at the error log to see what might be the problem. These logs are located at the data/logs folder. If there is a 404 error the log will tell you at which script and even the line number in the script where the error is being thrown.

    I also suggest, if you are not familiar with the concept of Single Page Application (which Espo is one), that you check this article to better understand the interactions between front end scripts and back end scripts.

    For further understanding of front end scripts, if you are not familiar with the concept of views, models and collections, you can read this article about Backbone.js which is the base library upon which Espo's front end is built, although bear in mind that Espo is NOT "just Backbone" Espo is a highly developed platform with its front end derived from Backbone.js.

    An analogy of comparing Espo to Backbone could be to compare jquery to javascript, jquery is written in Javascript but it is far more than plain javascript.

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      It might just be me, but this is a warning for those who using this services.

      I'm getting an error 500 and blank page with this service after updating to v6.0.0.

      Don't have time to investigate further at the moment as I just want to fix my Installation; it got to do with the Real Estate extension which I use this Service (code) with.
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        Hello espcrm,
        Any log files ?


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          Update: Unfortunately Espo 7.x has made many custom implementations incompatible thus this extension is no longer available.

          If time permits, I might release a new commercial version that works with Espo 7.x in the future.


          • espcrm
            espcrm commented
            Editing a comment
            Now I'm even more bit hesitant to upgrade.

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          Hi Telecastg

          I use your extension and will not be upgrading to 7.x unless they improve/add a print to pdf function.

          Thank you for your efforts so far.



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            Hi MATO

            Thanks for your kind words.

            Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be a better alternative than TCPDF which meets Espo criteria at present.

            In the meantime, this capability (render to window and use the browser's PDF engine instead of TCPDF) is now included in the eSignature extension which is compatible with Espo 7.x
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