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Add a new "Activity" on the Activities list

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  • Add a new "Activity" on the Activities list

    I would like to create a new data type called "web form" (for when a contact interacts with an online form) in addition to calls and meetings.

    I have created it using the Entity Manager. But how do you get it to appear in the Activities detail panel? Also, in the dropdown?

    See the attached pictures for what it should look like.

    Thank you!

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    Can anyone give me some adivse how to add new activity ? I've custom entity and I'm looking for best way to add it on the activites list.

    I've to override Application/Espo/Modules/Crm/Services/Activites.php and add protected method getActivitiesMyEntity() ? Any additional frontend modifications also needed ?


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      Hello jakub.skowron,
      if your new entity is an Event type entity, you can do it in the Administration -> Settings -> Activities Entity List. Otherwise, you will need to change the code.


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        Maximus I've already done this but I cannot see on the list button to add new activity based on my eventy type entity.


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          Probably it this issue applies to your code customisation. In my case it seems that it hasn't any problem. What I did:
          1. Created a new entity of the Event type (called it Event);
          2. Add this entity to the Administration -> Settings -> Activities Entity List;
          3. Refresh a web page
          4. Open the Activities panel and check whether my Event entity is there.

          Please take a look at my screenshot
          Attached Files