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  • Custom buttons on default side panel


    I'm trying to modify the default Side Panel of the Tasks views, making it look like this:
    Click image for larger version

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    Currently, that was done "hardcoded" by creating an extension, overriding the views of the task (For both creation and editing) and putting those buttons directly on the side-view template.

    What I need to do is put custom actions to those buttons, but I can't bind any action to them. For example:
    • When the "Generar cotizaciĆ³n" button is pressed, it should try to save the Task and, if done successfully, create an Opportunity in background and redirect to an external site.
    How can I do to bind an action to those buttons? Or, is there a way to generate those buttons without putting them directly on the template? Something like the "Save" and "Cancel" buttons or the actions on the select box on the Email view.

    Thanks in advanced!
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    I just checked the Calendar section and realized that most of the actions are binded "manually" using Backbone, so there's not always the need define everything in the same style as the select boxes or the buttons on headers (Pushing them into some array, define an action a implement the action itself within the JS). Still, if there's a better way to do so, I'd like to know.


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      hi, could you please teach me or show how you did the coding for the button on the side view template? i'm also trying to do the same thing same as you.