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Development lifecycle - Custom folder - delete attributes

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  • Development lifecycle - Custom folder - delete attributes

    Hi there

    I need to clean some attributes of my entities.
    I did that in my development environment first of all through the EspoCRM UI (-> Administration).
    My attributes have been deleted in the DB (expected results) and my custom folder with all the JSON files are correct.

    Now, i deploy my new version in my staging environment (+ sync custom folder regarding what i did in dev environment).
    All good (new forms, etc...), i "rebuild" ... but, attributes are still on the Database

    Is there a way to align the Datbase model with the current JSON metadata information used on ORM side?
    Now, my entityDefs are not aligned with what is really deployed on the database entity structure :-(

    I would like to avoid to do some alter table manually to drop these attributes.. but i don't know if there is another solution ?


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    EspoCRM doesn't delete anything from database. You need to override ORM or alter/drop tables manually


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      ok thanks

      That could be great to have an audit endpoint to know the desynchronization between known identity on json files and real attributes on the database side !