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Create Custom Report from Multiple Entities?

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  • Create Custom Report from Multiple Entities?

    What I'd like to accomplish is to create a list report which will show information from the account, meetings (last contact), calls (last contact), and product from a contract module. Something like the following:

    Account Name | Account Type | Assigned User | Phone | City | State | Product 1 Vendor | Product 2 Vendor | Product 3 Vendor | Main Contact | Last Meeting | Last Call | Next Scheduled Contact

    I'm not sure where to start looking for examples to build something like this. I'm assuming I'll have to create custom code.
    I've located the ORM documentation that looks important for this:

    I'm just not sure on how to put the pieces together. Is there anything similar in the current code that I can look at for hints? Maybe resources where I can learn the syntax? Any and all help is appreciated!

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    application/Espo/Modules/Crm/Services/Activities.php - as example (if you have Advanced Pack)


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      Thank you tanya! I do have Advanced Pack and will be checking this out in further detail, but it looks like this is exactly what I needed.