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  • Add my own integration in admin

    If I wanted to add another integration to the admin (apart from google,mailchimp), which files should I looking at for example?

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      The software integration requires me to include a javascript file in order to include their connect button. The file also includes their library. In admin/integration/name=Name, I'm able see the integration link, but when I click on it, I can't not see the connect button. Where should I include the file? (adding it in main.html didn't work)
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        I don't remember. It's been awhile. Try to investigate code.


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          The software I want to integrate recommends I don't expose the tokens (or keys, secrets) to the client side. I took a look at the google integration code, but I don't think that piece of can help me. Any idea how I can implement the oauth without risking any security concerns?

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        I figured out how to load the file, using as referenced. "exportsTo": "window". But for some reason, their custom element button is not visible. In js file, I just implemented their recommend setup function for redirecting.


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          I added sjcl from github to the jslibs file, but I would get an error: "uncaught typeerror: cannot read property of "hash" (or "misc") of undefined. The variable name and the value assigned to it exist. I don't understand why is this an issue.