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Disable all elements in a div based on status

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  • Disable all elements in a div based on status

    Is it possible to disable all elements in a div and remove edit button based on the status in Quote entity? I know I can use pointer-events to disable a div. In Quote entity, I want to disable the div, ".col-md-8". I ran a code to determine if I'm able to access the div and the status in directory(client/modules/advanced/src/views/quote/record/item-list) in the setup function, and I was able to get access. But I am unable to disabled the div with
    $(self).find("*").css({ 'pointer'events': 'none', opacity: 0.4});
    I want to disable to div and the edit button. I know inlineeditdisabled handles the access to edit any field without clicking the edit button, so I want to disable that as well.

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    yuri Is it possible to disable a div ("col-md-8") in Quote entity with pointer-events? If not, is there another way?


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      issue resolved. i figured it out. i had to put the algorithm in afterrender function. not sure why i can't do it in setup function.