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  • Create an additional view for entity

    i need to display some specific information of my entity but not all whithout losing defaut view. Its for display a synthetic information view for user.
    Is it possible to create this ? After reading documentation i only see that we can override list, detail, edit globaly.

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    Not quite sure what you are asking but I have a feeling this might be what you want to do:
    Hello Everyone, Today I am releasing a new extension: Link Button This extension enhances EspoCRM by introducing a button field that can store URLs and execute multiple actions, including: Open the URL in a new browser tab. Displaying the URL content within a popup window. Embedding the URL content inside an Espo Modal.


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      We would want to have a second type of detail view for an entity, that would show some specific information without loosing the base detail view. this new view would be used when using a specific url.‚Äč
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        With that extension I post, you can create a Modal Popup which click the button would show the URL in a popup, it used Small Details view. The URL can be anything within your EspoCRM for Modal to work. Check out some of the screenshot I post in there.

        I think it is suitable for you.


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          thanks for this return not sure that a good solution in my case ... maybe i will try to retreive information via API


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