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Optimising mass record creation

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  • Optimising mass record creation

    We are trying to optimise automatic creation of records for one of the functionalities in our CRM and we are facing issues where the creation of records via API is too slow. We were wondering, maybe we could use similar concept to how email addresses are currently added when entering them in the email field and saving the record? When you add multiple email addresses in a record that has an email field and save it, the email address functionality creates records directly in the ‘email_address’ table, generates all of the ids and creates links (not sure if that’s exactly how it works)

    Maybe someone knows where the functionality that creates email addresses is located in the files? Or any good structure, which would allow to create new records in a more optimal way than via API?

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    How slow? When importing records it can create quite fast assuming the Silent mode is enabled which by-passes stream handing.