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Wrong search results for boolean fields.

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  • Wrong search results for boolean fields.

    Hello all,
    we have a problem related to the search filters in EspoCRM. With boolean fields and selection "Any" in Account List, only those are displayed that are not selected. So "No" and "Any" return the same result.

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    Thanks for report. There's a sticked post how to report bugs: It's hard for us when information about the bug is sparse like this.

    I manage to reproduce, luckily I have environment at hand where the bug is reproducible. Though it is not reproducible on another environment. Please provide all information with bug reports.
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      Hello Juri,

      please accept our apologies. We saw the hints under "IMPORTANT! Read before posting. How to report a bug" too late and then could not edit our post as that was not allowed.

      PHP Version 8.0.17
      MariaDB Version 10.6.7-MariaDB
      EspoCRM Version 7.1.5

      We can't get logs from ExpoCRM at the moment. If you need them, please let us know.

      Thank you very much.


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        I already reproduced on MariaDB.

        Here's the fix:


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          Wow. Thank you for the lightning fast help.

          How can I implement the fix?
          Will the fix be included in the next release?

          We have adjusted the bool.js file in the client/src folder and even restarted the whole Machine. Unfortunately this did not bring any change.

          Edit: I don't know why but after a while it does work right now.
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          • yuri
            yuri commented
            Editing a comment
            Cleared cache?

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          Actually, I had already done both.
          "Clear Cache - Clear all backend cache" and "Rebuild - Rebuild backend and clear cache"

          No idea what the problem was.

          Thanks again for the quick help.