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Duplicated emails with outlook client

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  • Duplicated emails with outlook client

    I have an issue with duplicated emails, when I use an outlook client.

    It seems to be related to this bug report:

    I set up one personal email account in Espo CRM where the Inbox and sent folders are monitored.

    The email account is also setup in an outlook client and when I sent mails from this account to a group account of the CRM systen, the mail is duplicated in the ALL folder of the emails section.

    The incoming email will be tagged to the team while the sent email will have no team tagged.

    If I do the same with an email account setup in Thunderbird, the mail will not be duplicated and is tagged to a team. (E.g. Marketing)

    Is there any solution to this issue?

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    This is not related to the bug report you referred. The same report was already posted I believe.

    It seems to be an issue on Microsoft side, they assign a different message-id to sent emails. Thunderbird seems has some workaround for this. Is this an Espo bug? My opinion is NO. Should we fix it? Maybe. But I don't know how. Currently I have more important things to do so can't investigate this issue.


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      Thanks for the answer. I can confirm that Outlook uses a different message-id for the message in the sent folder, while the thunderbird email seems to be an exact copy.