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Multi-enum, opotion >100 symbols, stores, but only after a 500 error, bypass?

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  • Multi-enum, opotion >100 symbols, stores, but only after a 500 error, bypass?

    Hey guys, short question, so the user adds a very long multi-enum value, which provokes error 500, with an error in the logs:

    [2022-05-02 21:23:20] DEBUG: API (22001) SQLSTATE[22001]: String data, right truncated: 1406 Data too long for column 'value' at row 1; PUT /Opportunity/61d636db80e4b2ae7; Input data: {"commentToBeSentArr":["[Conditions][ID or DL][Copy of ID]","[Other][Conditions][It is time to set up insurance for your new property. Please obtain a quote from your insurance agent and provide agents contact information once the quote is approved. If you would like, we can have out in-house agent to work on a quote for you.]"]}; Route pattern: /{controller}/{id}; Route params: Array ( [controller] => Opportunity [action] => update [id] => 61d636db80e4b2ae7 ) [] []

    But, it actually stores without a problem, my only question, please help me find a workaround to allow more than 100 symbols in multi-enum, both preset options and custom options

    thank you so much!

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    It was already reported recently. With a workaround. I believe fixed by increasing the column length in the array_value table. I'll take a look what I can do with this issue when I get a chance.


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      Thank you Yuri!
      I was looking for it on the forum, couldn't find one, anyways, I appreciate so much your help!


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        Solution for now is not to allow items longer than 100.


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          Thank you Yuri, but we need more than 100 , like 300


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            This field type was not designed for such long items.