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6.1.7 API Entity Update refuses to update one field

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  • 6.1.7 API Entity Update refuses to update one field

    Using the api to update the Opportunity Entity. One of the fields, a date field, will not update with a PUT. Narrowed it down to the following:

    PUT body: {"fieldFirst": "2022-03-01", "fieldSecond": "2022-03-01"}

    PUT Status returned: 200

    Record returned: { ... "fieldFirst": "2022-03-01", "fieldSecond":null, ...}

    fieldSecond is audited, and conditionally required. There are no formulas or hooks that involve fieldSecond.

    fieldFirst is a built in field for the Opportunity Entity, fieldSecond is a field that was added to the Opportunity Entity.

    fieldSecond can be edited on the form successfully it can also be imported successfully from the Espocrm Administration Import.

    fieldSecond can be set directly in mySql with basic UPDATE syntax.

    No errors in the log file.

    What else could prevent the field from being updated from the API?
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    Is it possible that one filed is date and second dateTime?
    If no, is it possible, that user which you use to update field through API have some limits to problematic field? In roles you can set that one of fields will be read-only for users assigned to role.


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      Thank you for your reply.
      Both fields are type Date.
      The API Key being used is a member of the Admin team, with full permissions to the entity and no fields as read-only.