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Export All Records from Reports Does Not Populate Fields

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  • Export All Records from Reports Does Not Populate Fields

    I have created a report on leads and am not showing City. When I export the report and check the box to "Export All Fields" the city is shown as a header but the data is blank.

    If I add City to the list of fields to show on the report, it populates City correctly.

    I would expect "Export all fields" to populate all the fields and not just the ones I have selected to show on my report, especially since the header has a place for it and it's just blank data, so I believe this is a bug.


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    I have currently been dealing with this same issue as ategenkamp describes here!

    When running a report and opting for the Export all fields option, the resulting .CSV or .XLSX only exports column field values for the columns I actually specify on the report. It never actually exports all fields! No idea why this started occurring and nothing outputs to my crm-prod/data/logs/error/espo.log nor the /var/log/apache2/error.log


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      For anyone else that stumbles upon this issue...

      The Espo WIZARD HIMSELF yuri has fixed it, is currently live in Advanced Pack v2.8.11 and I verified that my issue is indeed resolved after installing this release. Head on over your account @ to get your copy if you're licensed!

      THANKS YURI!!!!!!!!!!!