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Outbound personal email does not use 'From name', however Shared email does work

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  • Outbound personal email does not use 'From name', however Shared email does work

    For the shared accounts (support departement) the from-name in the email is used by the system. When you use personal email account, the from-name is not used, I think the account holder name is used...
    > This is important for us as we send the emails as follows, From-name = 'Firstname Lastname | Company name'
    > As said above, this works for the shared account (suppprt), but not for the personal users
    > In both email accounts the name in the preferences has been added as 'Firstname Lastname | Company name'

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    FromName is not supported for Personal Email Account.


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      Hi, Thank you for your answer... Is this by design? and why? Because you are able to enter the FromName, it just does not use it...(I suppose)


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        There is no 'From Name' field in Personal Email Account.


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          Indeed, (ofcourse) you are right, but there is a 'Name' field... Presumed this was the FromName... At this moment we have fixed it by adding ' | Company Name' to the field 'Last Name' of the users... Ofcourse this is not so clean, as this also is added in all 'User lists' etc....

          Is there a reason for not having a FromName? Should I add it to your Feature-requests forum?


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            In your own user Preferences this NAME field does not exist, however as administrator when you go to 'personal email accounts' and then edit an account, the field NAME exists (fyi)


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              It's just a name of a record.

              It was supposed that usually From Name should be the same as Name of the user.