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Enum not following order

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  • Enum not following order

    Hi I have an Enum field on my Opportunity table called "Stage". This is the default field with my additions.

    The definition of the field looks like this:

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Stage Drop Down - Admin.png
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Size:	55.3 KB
ID:	51419

    When it is displayed the L6 and O1 entries are swapped over:

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Stage Drop Down3.png
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Size:	26.9 KB
ID:	51420

    Help appreciated.

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    I can't reproduce this. On my instance it works as it should.


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      Hmm, yes, I have a number of strange things on my instance of which this is just one. They are all minor issues and include:
      • When emails sync into the system, I only get the notification some times (it used to work every time until an upgrade a few months back)
      • When I list tasks, ordered by due date, they sometimes display out of order

      The question is, how do I investigate further?

      Happy to give you access to my system if that help. I am on the SaaS system.

      PS - I have tried the rebuild option.


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        What EspoCRM version do you use? I suggenst you to update your instance to the current 5.6.11 version.


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          That is the version I am on.


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            Try to reproduce these issues in the incognito tab. If the issues will not reproduce, that's means you have to clear your web browser cache with advanced settings.
            Also, you can try to utilize the dev tools to check for the front-end issues. Press F12, then make an action to reproduce the issue again. Check whether any error has occurred in the console or network tab.


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              Great idea on the incognito tab idea. Didn't make a difference though.

              On the F12 side, I am familiar with the "Console". I went to the Opportunity page showed the console and there were a few issues in there to do with Leads. I refreshed the screen, the opportunity re-loaded and the errors went away. I then did an in-line edit of stage and the data was in the wrong order. I did a full record edit and the result was the same.

              I am not familiar with the Network tab, so not 100% sure what I am looking for. What I will say is that there were several tens of assets loaded and everyone has a status of 200.

              Happy to run a Go-To-Meeting and share my screen with you if that makes things easier.

              Thanks for the help.


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                Hi, has anyone got any ideas?


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                  Hi Mat,

                  The issue caused by using wrong order in Dynamic Logic Conditional Options. You can sort items there by dragging.


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                    Fantastic, spot on. That got it.

                    I am guessing this will get addressed at a future release?


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                      I don't understand what you mean. By design when you set a list of options with dynamic logic, an order is taken into account.


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                        Well this is great functionality, it is just not obvious, I assumed it was a bug.

                        So rather than "fix the bug", could I suggest that some text is added to the user interface, so that it is clear that the options being given change both the options available and the order of those options.

                        This would explain some other behaviours I am having too then.



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                          I'll add it to documentation at least.