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Multi-Enum does not work properly for some fields

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  • Multi-Enum does not work properly for some fields


    we have the following problem which seems to be a bug after some hours of testing.

    We have created an entity for "Account" which has the type Multi-Enum.
    The settings are:
    Required - yes
    Audited - no
    Read-only - no
    Is Personal Data - no
    Tooltip Text - none
    As options we have used 24 different categories.

    When creating an account, one can select as many categories from the Multi-Enum as wanted which works fine. Saving works as well, so that afterwards the wanted cateogries are displayed correctly.
    The issue comes up when editing the account again. For some of the 24 categories, the option disappears when entering the editing mode (both single editing of the entity and whole editing of the account). The attached images 1+2 show this behaviour.
    From the 24 different categories, 9 categories are affected and disappear when editing. On the other hand, not all categories disappear at the same time. Per editing only the last entered defect category disappears.
    The category does not get deleted directly since when entering the disappeared category again and saving it, the message "You have not modified the record" is displayed. But if one edits the Multi-Enum and the one category is disappeared and another one is added, the old one gets deleted since it is not saved anymore.

    Consequently, there seems to be a bug for the acquiring of the options of the Multi-Enum for some circumstances so that the last one gets lost.

    Is something like this already known as bug?
    Which further information is needed?

    Best regards
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    Hello Cris,
    I can't find attachements, could you attach them again?
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      Hello Tanya,

      sorry, missed them and could not edit afterwards.
      I attachted them now!

      Best regards


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        Hello Tanya,

        this problem is still occuring.
        Has the problem already been recording and confirmed or do you need more details?

        Best regards