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  • Enum and formula

    I have encountered a small bug or error on my part that I can't seem to solve.

    I've got a enum that I use to tell other enums to show or not with the help of dynamic logic.
    |_____ Year1
    |_____ Year2
    |_____ Year5

    Enum 1 - 5 are part of the calculation I made with the formula.

    The problem is that when I create a new package, or editing an existing, within the entity, the Model enum shows [object Object].
    That is until I edit the field, then it shows the correct value for as long as I'm in the package. If I leave the package and return the [object Object] will show again.
    The dynamic logic doesn't seem to care whats happening.

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    any screenshots or code, if you modify something, please


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      Been a bit busy but theres an update about this issue. I thought that the issue had something to do about the fact I made a formula and applied it to a entity.

      I have spent some time moving away from that entity because I bought the advance pack and the products entity could handle this part much better.
      So I made the decision to make an exact copy, not from FTP and copying files and code, but create the fields from scratch again.

      I get the exact same bug but WITHOUT the formula active. That is the one thing I haven't copied yet.
      So here's a screenshot of the issue and a screenshot of the settings.

      If I create a new product, this field is locked for changes, even though I haven't set that as a condition nor as a part of the settings.
      And that weird [object Object] appears. When the product is created I have full control over the field again. And everything is as a wrote about earlier.

      I hope this helps.
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        The problem is with field name. Not with formula or something else. If it's possible create other field with the same logic but with other name.
        We will try to fix it.


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          As always, big thank you! I will make another field name for that function .