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  • Email draft autodeleted

    When I save a draft and close EspoCRM, the draft is deleted with the next login.
    I think this is a bug, as I want to keep my drafts.

    best regards

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    I can't reproduce this bug. Are you logging as the same user?


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      Yes, same user. There is only one at the moment.


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        Could you check the database (email table)? Try to save draft email, check if it's added. Log out -> check db, Login -> check db


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          I found out (without a DB check) that the draft email is moved to the sent folder.

          The problem is that I get the error message "error 500 subject value must be composed of printable US-ASCII or UTF-8 characters" when I want to send it which is the reason I save as draft

          It is the issue from this post

          Now I have no idea if

          a) the message was sent for whatever reason
          b) why it moved to the sent folder (it happens also after logout)
          c) how to fix the error 500

          Our users in various organizations really like EspoCRM, but the email problems are making them nervous.

          Thank you very much for your help to solve the issue!
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            Did you use the latest EspoCRM version? Check log files at /data/logs/ to understand the problem.


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              It is the latest EspoCRM version (4.2.7). The log only shows the reported error from this an the other post. I copy it here:

              [2016-10-18 19:06:45] Espo.ERROR: API [POST]:/:controller, Params:Array ( [controller] => Email ) , InputData: {"status":"Sending","isHtml":true,"name":"
              FULL EMAIL MESSAGE
              ","cc":"","bcc":""} - Subject value must be composed of printable US-ASCII or UTF-8 characters. [] []

              We also had a problem with email fetching again after the update (the posts from the initial problem are also in the forum). The problem with sending emails and then saving drafts was also there.

              So I applied the patch with HeaderWrap. The fetching works, the send error remains. The emails that "disappear" from draft folder to sent folder are also not synced to the IMAP.

              If you need more details or a check with another install let me know.


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                How many "espocrm"s do you have on the same server? If more than one, the problem could be related with filters. Try to push Reset button on the search area.


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                  Different servers except one case. Both are in different folders, different domains, own database and separate email.

                  in any case I reset the filter. No effect. I do not think that filters are an issue, but the handling of emails, which seems to be a topic in the forum.

                  So maybe it is a problem that we mainly have German users and therefore emails in German.