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Task Date Complete doesn't show correct date/time information

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  • Task Date Complete doesn't show correct date/time information

    When completing a task in the Task Detail window you can see the date/time when a task is completed (Status = Completed); however when you complete a task using the complete button in the Tasks list view (Image 1), the Date Completed information shows None instead of the date/time when the task was completed (Image 2).

    Another issue I noticed is that you cannot complete a task in the dashboard using the Complete button (dropdown) -; however I can easily do that in my local installation of EspoCRM. Not sure why the advanced demo would have issues with this.

    Image 1
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    Image 2
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    I will look. Thanks.


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      I am a new user testing your awesome product for our company and I just found the same issue. When closing a task from the tasks list, the dateCompleted field is not populated.

      Looking at the network inspector on google chrome seems like when updating the status from the list, the browser sends 2 request: first one is the correct update record, and then, immediately, it sends another put request.

      On my findings, the problem is that there are 2 listeners for that "click" action:


      found on those two files:


      Unfortunately, I'm a Ruby on Rails guy and didnt find a proper way to fix this.

      I hope this explanation helps you guys to fix the problem, as it is a bit annoying!



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        A request being sent twice will be fixed. But I'm not sure that this is a culprit of not populated Date Completed. I can't reproduce.

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