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EspoCRM v7.3.0 released

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  • EspoCRM v7.3.0 released

    • PHP 8.2 support
    • Drop PHP 7.4 support

    • Working Calendar #2415
    • Logging in as another user for admin #2444
    • OIDC authentication #2455
    • Email: Group folders #2467
    • Separate list view for related records #2485
    • Meeting/Call: Ability to send cancellation emails for not-held events #2518

    • Selectbox improvements #2508
    • Checkbox visual improvement #2507
    • Reminder: Allowing to specify arbitrary values #2511
    • Email: Mass Move-to-Folder action #2441
    • Email filter: Mark as read #2479
    • Email: Drag and dropping into folders #2466
    • Email: Shortcut keys #2489
    • Email: Corresponding from-address pre-selected when replying to email #2522
    • Meeting/Call: Users automatically follow events they are participating in #2512
    • Meeting/Call: Ability to select attendees when sending invitation email #2517
    • Meeting/Call: Stream note about attendance confirmation #2505
    • Meeting/Call: Scheduler on modal edit view #2521
    • Number field: Console command to populate numbers for existing records #232
    • Login-handler framework #2446
    • Meeting/Call: In-app notifications for users added as attendees #2492
    • Record service: Ability to specify what access is required when linking records (in metadata) #2503
    • Sync login/logout between browser tabs #2506
    • Email address/Phone number: Is-invalid boolean field #2520
    • Formula: Ability to obtain emailAddressData, phoneNumberData from entity #2528
    • Currency no-join mode #2535

    All issues:
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    If you run into issues with upgrade, create a separate topic in the corresponding section.

    Don't forget to backup if you upgrade a production. Upgrade a test environment first.

    Most issues after upgrade are related to environment upgrade (PHP, webserver, file permissions, crontab, etc.). Please try not to overwhelm our support with urgencies "nothing is working, no backup".

    See recommendations.
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      Upgrade not ready yet.


      • espcrm
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        Was just about to complain!

      • yuri
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        Upgrade is published.

        Don't forget to backup if you upgrade a production.

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      If one run into an issue that upgrade failed with the error:

      SQLSTATE[42S22]: Column not found: 1054 Unknown column 'user.working_time_calendar_id' in 'field list'

      try the following:

      1. Rebuild from CLI:
      php rebuild.php
      2. Run upgrade again.

      Do not use `-s` parameter with the upgrade command. Its purpose to run upgrade in a single process. Use it only if your environment requires (might be needed on shared hosting providers).
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      • espcrm
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        Update all good (as far as I can tell). CLI show no error except it say to "7.4 PHP" no longer supported, so just change it to 8.1 (or PHP 8) and try CLI update again.

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      Hi yuri
      Have upgraded multiple instances from 7.2.7 -> 7.3.2 using CLI. All went fine.
      Now noticed all instances and all users are not receiving mail in the inbox. All connections are fine - outlook and IMAP, and scheduled job "check personal email accounts" returning "Success".
      Email simply does not appear
      Any suggestions please?

      PHP 8.0.27
      System Requirements all met

      One of our users has reported many of their email filters are missing.

      Hi again yuri
      Please ignore that details above. This was caused by my server requiring the PHP version in the CRON job, As I upgraded PHP version to 8.0.27 from 7.4, I simply needed to amend the CRON job.

      Still blown away by this product and the support you provide.!!
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        Oh boy, the time i was expecting has come. I have many apps to migrate. Oh well, thats what keeps my boys on the job.

        yuri, all the improvements and enhancement are great. Love the calendar enhancements. I was hoping and praying for them. I just created an instance and built a Clinic Management System. Only wish the items on the calendar can show the user assigned as well. That way the doctor assigned can see it at a glance. This will help identify whose appoint each one is. May be it can be done but not sure how. Great Job! I have recommended Espocrm to many users in Joomla forum as well and the excitement has started.

        Thank you so much.


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          Hi All,

          Has anyone upgraded using PHP 8.1.x? I performed the upgrade and all i got was "downloading..." and then process died just like that. I tried upgrading with PHP 8.0.7 and it worked fine. Anyone facing this problem? Appreciate any help.

          On testing further, I found that I was getting the following error in the error.log:

          PHP Code:
          Allowed memory size of 33554432 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 14976300 bytesin /home/sysdev/public_html/wellnessclinicx/application/Espo/Core/Console/Commands/Upgrade.php on line 294 

          I have set the memory_limit to -1 and also 1024M. Nothing seems to work. Its odd when i do the same upgrade with PHP 8.0.7 it seems to work fine.​
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          • espcrm
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            I change my GUI with my host's UserCP, here the step I did:
            Compatibility: PHP 8.2 support Drop PHP 7.4 support Enhancements: Working Calendar #2415 ( Logging in as another user for admin #2444 ( OIDC authentication #2455 ( Email: Group

          • murugappan
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            espcrm, I am sorry could not understand what you have done.

          • espcrm
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            My apology... here is my experience. It might be different from you if you already using v8.1

            1) Use CLI to run upgrade.
            2) CLI Upgrade to one latest EspoCRM version allow.
            3) Upgrade complete, upgrade again: CLI show no error except it say to "7.4 PHP" no longer supported.
            4) Go to server User CP / Control Panel / GUI of My Shared Hosting Server,
            5) Change PHP version to 8.1 (or PHP 8). Go back to CLI and try Upgrade command again.
            6) It run for about 5 minutes
            7) Done.

            But your server probably will be much longer I assume since I know you have big database.

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          HI yuri

          Please accept my apologies for posting my investigation here. I posted by problem under another topic under the Installation and Upgrade category but did not get much attention or help. This is related to memory_limit error when upgrading from 7.2.7 to 7.3.2 under PHP 8.1.12 which i also posted above. After further investigation. this is what i did:

          (1) I modified the code in upgrade.php to set the memory_limit in the code as below:

          Click image for larger version  Name:	memory-error1A.png Views:	0 Size:	25.9 KB ID:	87608

          (2) Then ran the upgrade as per cli "php command.php upgrade".
          (3) This time the memory-limit error went away and the upgrade started but terminated abruptly with the following message:

          Espo\Core\Exceptions\Error::__construct(): Argument #1 ($message) must be of type string, null given, called in /home/sysdev/public_html/wellnessclinictstx/application/Espo/Core/Console/Commands/Upgrade.php on line 379
          Please advise/help.
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          • yuri
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            ini_set is applied only to the current process. But upgrade executes in multiple processes. You need to change your memory limit for PHP for CLI.

          • murugappan
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            Hi, thank you for the feedback. My server guys fixed the problem. It appears that there was global limit set in the php.ini which appears to override the limit i set in the local domain. After setting the global parameter it works fine now. The developers of PHP were also helpful. Thank you so much. This topic stands closed.