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EspoCRM v7.0.0 released

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  • EspoCRM v7.0.0 released

    • Drop PHP 7.2 support

    • AWS S3 storage support #1934
    • Optimistic concurrency control #2006
    • Email: Creating meetings from emails with ICS attachment #1806
    • Ability to manage followers for regular users #1954
    • Dynamic logic: Conditions making field invalid #2014
    • Email 2 factor authentication #2069
    • SMS 2 factor authentication #2077
    • Formula function for SMS sending #2076
    • Layout manager: Ability to specify conditions on which a color will be applied to a panel #1991

    • Link-multiple field: 'All Of' search filter #2084
    • Dashboard: 12 column grid layout #2071
    • Save & New action on the create view #2000
    • Create & Continue Editing action on create & edit views #2001
    • Formula editor: Auto-completion for functions and attributes #2003
    • Attachments: Ability to download an uploaded file on edit view #2008
    • Documents: Uploading new document by drag-n-dropping a file #2011
    • Dynamic logic: Contains, Starts with, Ends with, Matches operators for varchar/text field types #2013
    • Admin changes taking effect w/o refreshing browser page #2031
    • URL field: Allow any protocol #2034
    • Supporting SVG images #2038
    • Editable tag line in 'description' HTML metatag #2041
    • Dynamic Logic & Inline Edit interoperability #2043
    • Entity Manager: Quick search for entities, fields, relationships #2044
    • PDF: Ability to set document title in template #2046
    • Command to list all extensions #2059
    • Command to print all available jobs #2061
    • Command running with bin/command #2060
    • Quick search in icon selection #1900
    • Group Email Accounts: emailAutoReplyLimit config parameter #2002
    • DD. MM. YYYY date-time format #1978
    • Supporting all days in 'Week Start' parameter #1953
    • Config parameter to disable thumb image cache #1938

    • Header in PDF will be always printed on each page #1930
    • ACL: Abolishment of non-strict mode #1973
    • Changes in list view with categories in collapsed mode #1983

    Core improvements and changes:
    • Select Builder framework #1865
    • ORM Defs #1891
    • ORM: Value Object framework #1942
    • ORM: Condition & expression building in OOP way #1997
    • ORM: Ability to disable SSL verification #1889
    • MassAction and Action back-end frameworks #1918
    • File storage interface changes #1932
    • New Command interface #1947
    • Change in AuthTokenManager interface #1959
    • New Login interface #1966
    • DI: Creating instances with binding with InjectableFactory #1967
    • DI: Binding interface to factory #2048
    • ACL interfaces #1958
    • Supporting modules in custom directory #2032
    • Config: Internal config file #2051
    • Authentication hooks #2067
    • Interfaces for 2 factor authentication #2072
    • Interface for SMS sending #2075
    • Template helper interface #2082
    • Record customization framework #2068
    • WebSocket: Interfaces for messaging implementation #1952
    • API: Use JSON for GET search parameters #1870

    Front-end improvements:
    • Utilizing new Cache API #1945
    • ViewSetupHandlers framework for customizing existing views w/o extending #2010

    All issues:

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    If you run into a bug please create a separate topic in the Bug Reports section.

    If you have problems with installation or upgrade please create a separate topic in the Installation & Upgrade Help section.

    If you run Espo on Nginx or Apache w/o AllowOverride enabled, you will need make some changes in configuration after upgrade. Information will be shown once you access the upgraded instance in the browser.

    As of v7.0 database credentials are stored in data/config-internal.php (it used to be in config.php). If your backup scripts reads config.php to get database credentials you need to fix it to read config-internal.php. Thist should be done AFTER upgrade.
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      If you use NGINX after upgrade you will need to re-configure your webserver config. The link to the documentation will be shown when you open your Espo in the browser.

      Upgrading may take really long as a few new indexes are being created. You can run cleanup job before upgrading. This may expedite a further upgrade process.
      php command.php run-job Cleanup
      Upgrade via UI is not recommended.

      For everyone using Espo on hosting providers w/o CLI access I highly recommend to switch to one with CLI access. In 2021 having CLI access is a standard. Most modern web apps are not even able to be rolled out w/o CLI.
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        Great work!!
        Software Engineering, working with Espocrm since 2014
        CEO @ Eblasoft Ltd.
        Contact Me


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          Thank you very much Guys, for your work!!!


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            Thank you very much for your good work.


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              Many thanks Yuri,
              incredible improvement.


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                You guys are killing it man! All proprietary CRM providers out there should be very afraid!! EspoCRM is becoming quite the full-featured sales platform to be reckoned with!!!


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                  Excellent improvements, look forward to testing and applying them. Congratulations !


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                    Good Job, Thanks Team.


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                      Movies da working

                      Thank you very much for your good work.
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                        Hi all,

                        Its good to hear that many of you have upgraded to Release 7. Would appreciate if anyone help provide some information on the upgrade for the following:

                        (1) Size of the root folder containing the instance(app)
                        (2) Size of the database
                        (3) Timing to complete the cleanup script
                        (4) Timing to complete the upgrade script (php command.php upgrade).

                        Would appreciate it very much to help me estimate the time required for our upgrade and plan/schedule a proper time to backup, upgrade and reactivate. Ours is on the cloud and need to request assistance of the service admins to perform the backups and perform the monitoring.

                        Hi espcrm ,

                        How did your upgrade go?
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                        • telecastg
                          telecastg commented
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                          You're welcome murugappan I did not use the upgrade script for the reasons that I mentioned (many issues if you have custom code changes) so I can't help you with that information.

                        • espcrm
                          espcrm commented
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                          Hi @muru,

                          I'm still on v6.1.2, learnt my lesson with v6 so I plan to wait a bit before upgrading to v7, when the forum quiet down with the belief that mean no more system-crash bug is found.

                          Unfortunately reading some of the coding refactoring issue I'm a bit more hesitated to upgrade at the moment. I used some of telecastg extension or code and don't quite want it to break until a replacement or an upgrade is available, as it might return as a commercial Extensions it further cause more decision making.

                          Although v7 seem nice there is currently no "I must have this" feature yet for me to risk the upgrade. I probably wait a bit more when I have more freedom to fix if the v7 upgrade fail.

                          Unfortunately I won't be able to contribute to this post. I will make a note when I do and contribute a very late post.

                        • murugappan
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                          hi espcrm ,

                          Thank you for the update. I am taking the same approach too. I have an outdated advance pack in my current instance. I realised in testing the V7 upgrade it fails because the advance pack is not upgraded. We have purchased the upgrade for advance pack. As such, i need to test the upgrade in my current instance to make sure all the workflow and processes do not break. After that i need to test all over again with V7 upgrade. Like you mentioned, i do not see any "must have" changes in the release so there is no urgency. Additionally, I could not get much details from the documentation on the changes. That makes it more difficult for me to filter out any "must have's". Additional fear is that, I am not sure how long the upgrade will take. My databases and core sizes are big. May have to wait until 7.1, i guess.

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                        This is my update on version 7.0.8 on my test instance:-

                        (1) Test the advance pack 2.8.8 upgrade --- fantastic and success.
                        (2) Test the upgrade from 6.1.10 to 7.0.8 --- failed due to some database error (database went away).
                        (3) Run the "php command.php run-job Clean" script - Success
                        (4) Retest the upgrade from 6.1.10 to 7.0.8 --- fantastic and success

                        The test database size is 152MB and the time taken was 4mins. My big worry is that production instance which has a database size of 1.8GB which may take 36 minutes. That's pretty long and the Database Gateway may timeout. Have to test this out.

                        Clarification Needed

                        As Yuri stated, the upgrade created a config-internal.php which contained the database credentials. In addition to that the script contained the following values:

                        'cryptKey' => '318f684386ee2b65446c49221c2467ff',
                        'hashSecretKey' => '65a313ee5419a5a878b28017c818e1d4',
                        'apiSecretKeys' => (object) [],

                        What are these and how do they affect the system? Need to understand to avoid unnecessary suspects in case of crashes. Any help will be most appreciated.

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                        Firstly, thank you a lot for your work !
                        I worked hard to make all my EspoCRM6 extensions compatible with EspoCRM7.

                        Only one thing is missing : i can't relate entity from side panel.
                        As you can see on the screenshot, i don't have the 'down arrow' to select and relate records.
                        I want to bring it back, any ideas ?
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                          Good work. Thank you for sharing
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