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EspoCRM 5.9.2 released

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  • EspoCRM 5.9.2 released

    • Roles: Edit view improvements #1707
    • Scheduled jobs: Showing human readable description of the scheduling #1712
    • Scheduled jobs: Validation for scheduling expression #1713
    • Relationship panel: 'Create' button on 'Select' dialog #1724
    • Password recovery: Parameter to prevent email address exposure on recovery form #1728
    • Password recovery: Parameter to disable password recovery for all internal users #1729

    • Formula: number\randomInt function #1708
    • Formula: while function #1709
    • Formula: while function #1709
    • PDF: Helper to display Google Maps image #1714
    • PDF: ifMultipleOf helper #1722
    • Mass Email: Config parameter to override site URL #1705

    • Some emails, that contain emoji, not imported on some systems #1723
    • Password recovery not available if group email account is used for system SMTP #1706

    All issues:
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    Thank you Yuri.. always great jobs.


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      Cool cool. Yay to another release.

      This time I went straight to the SSH CLI upgrade. Save the trouble of going through GUI method (and to show off to myself!).

      First thing I disable CRON and Maintenance mode via admin panel. Question: Is there a command for us to do that via CLI? Next time I do that instead of have to do two step process.
      Then I did the upgrade commands but my first one failed! Check the log but it too much text so I just did a Clear Cache and Rebuild (can do these through commands: see ) . Try upgrading again and "Upgrade is complete".
      After that I enable CRON and disable Maintenance mode.
      Be sure to check out those enhancement guys, especially if you use Print2PDF.
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      • yurikuzn
        yurikuzn commented
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        There's no commands to disable cron and set maintenance mode. Cron is disabled and maintenance mode is set once you run upgrade from CLI automatically. Though it can be reasonable to do it manually beforehand, so that there's no any process running in the system once upgrade is started.

      • tothewine
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        a cool feature would be to ensure that no cron job is running by waiting for all job completion in the cli upgrade command after disabling cron for upgrading
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      • espcrm
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        Never knew that it do that. I guess I go rouge next time and just CLI upgrade it.

        Perhaps a brief mention of that in the Upgrade User guide would be reasonable information? Or perhaps it showing up as a message in the CLI?

        tothewine also made an interesting comment. I usually just disable it and don't really wait for Cron to be complete before I do update, not sure if I have cause irreparable harm to the system through this rough method.

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      Originally posted by broughton65
      Is this random spam? yurikuzn


      • tothewine
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        yes. look at that user's profile. same style of another post I saw "guidaa-gmail" or something like that. this is spam technically, altough it shows an actual tv guide.... but certainly out of place. maybe is a bot trying to get ref links for seo.
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      Hi Yuri,

      This software and product is fantastic and has a great future. It doing good at each release. One major setback that makes this product about 20% less fantastic than expected is the documentation. Please allow me to explain.

      (1) Each release has a summary of the changes made (presented here).
      (2) When we click the change number, it shows a quick summary of the change or the page is completely missing!
      (3) While a quick summary may be fine for improvements, it greatly reduces the effect on enhancements. For example, the enhancements on foreign field in release 8.0 did not help us in understanding what the change was and referring to ESPOCRM full documentation did not help either.

      I am, on my own initiative, starting on huge task of documenting a user manual for ESPOCRM but fell flat when i realised that may not be possible with the problem described above. How can you help us to make the product better?

      Click image for larger version  Name:	Enhancement List.png Views:	0 Size:	16.8 KB ID:	59981

      This one has a link to a documentation but page is missing

      Click image for larger version  Name:	Doc_yes_nopage.png Views:	0 Size:	42.0 KB ID:	59982

      This one is pointing to the wrong page

      Click image for larger version  Name:	Wrong github page.png Views:	0 Size:	32.7 KB ID:	59983


      • yurikuzn
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        We changed the documentation repository structure recently. That's why links broke. I will fix them.

      • murugappan
        murugappan commented
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        Hi Yuri,

        You focused on the broken links but missed out on the other weak parts mentioned in my post. How can you help with that, please? We still need those to be resolved to help us help you make this a better product.

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      Some of those enhancement was feature I'm looking forward so I know which is what is does, but I can understand it is quite hard to follow what the summary mean otherwise. I suppose a screenshot does help sometime to give quick "Oh that what it mean" at a glance but my Github account is lost and their new policy made it too annoying to create a new account so I stop bothering to contribute on Github.

      The Documentation seem to be quite fairly detail and could always use contribution I suppose, I believe you can probably do a Pull Request on the Documentations repository.

      I also try to documents and link "interesting" thread on my Learning EspoCRM thread:

      Look forward to improving EspoCRM together though. I will help where I can but I don't think this is the right thread to be discussing about this. We previously did garner a few interested peer.


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        Hi espcrm
        Thank you for help. I went through a lot of the "Oh thats what it means" situations. Once i knew it, i started using things in many ways beyond the original intention. We have created 2 other apps using Espocrm - (1) Application Configuration and (2) Medical Prescription Issuance Management. Frankly, i dont want see other struggling and then abandoning the software. Honestly, I love the product but the documentation depresses me. Love to see a bigger user group who can contribute.

        On the subject, the pull request will not help me the documentation is done using python and pip. Not another one to pickup just to do document. If i could get one in PDF or in some simple editable form then i can convert that to Word and do all the documentation.

        I have a suggestion, can we create a separate forum topic "Tips, Tricks and Snippets" and create one item for each of the codes or changes we all have made. Each item will have heading such as title, synopsis, details description etc. That way, it will be much more organized.

        We could create something like what has done:

        Click image for larger version

Name:	wiki.png
Views:	173
Size:	44.8 KB
ID:	60071
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        • tothewine
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          yes a proper wiki for user codes would be useful
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