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EspoCRM 4.8.4 released

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  • EspoCRM 4.8.4 released

    Bug fix:


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    We just released a mobile app for espocrm. Is there any way an announcement can be made on your website? The app is available on Google Play Store.


    • stocknerjene
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      What is your mobile app called? I'd like to try it!

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    The app is called Breakfree CRM. It is available on Google Play Store. You can search for "espocrm" on Google Play to find it. You can also find it via our website


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      It looks fantastic, and works great! On your website, you mentioned that it is open source? I have some ideas and would like to contribute to development. How does one obtain the source code to develop for Breakfree?


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        I have version Version 4.8.4 installed thru bitnami wamp stack. Great software.

        But have problem with retrieving emails form webmail. I can send emails no problem.

        check personal email accounts are set to active. Everything is set to active.

        Can someone please assist.




        • tanya
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          For this question better to create a new topic.
          Email fetching requires the crontab was set (in crontab for linux or scheduled tasks for windows)
          Also you can check, if your job was run in job detail view, Log panel

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        Hi Tanya,

        Thank you for the reply. Should i open new topic now or continue here with questions.

        I saw on scheduled jobs a line that says Note: Create a batch file with the following commands to run Espo Scheduled Jobs using Windows Scheduled Tasks:
        C:\Bitnami\WAMPST~1.12-\apache2\bin\httpd.exe -f C:\Bitnami\wampstack-7.1.12-0\apps\espocrm\htdocs\cron.php

        I made a batch file for this and gets an error. Might this be the reason why scheduled jobs is not collecting the incoming mail?

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        • tanya
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          instead of C:\Bitnami\WAMPST~1.12-\apache2\bin\httpd.exe use C:\Bitnami\WAMPST~1.12-\apache2\bin\php.exe (if you have such file)
          without this scheduled jobs don't work at all

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        Hi Tanya, I Checked and found no php.exe in that location. There is in C:\Bitnami\wampstack-7.1.12-0\php\php.exe. If i put in that above commands i get an error. /cron.php include takes one argument, name(s) of the config file(s) to be included; fails if wildcard does not match t least one file
        With my limited knowledge i think it means it does not find a specific file that the cron.php file indicates to.


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          Hi Tanya. Thanks for the assist. Turns out the command C:\Bitnami\WAMPST~1.12-\apache2\bin\httpd.exe -f C:\Bitnami\wampstack-7.1.12-0\apps\espocrm\htdocs\cron.php is wrong in the batch file. I used what you suggested php C:\Bitnami\wampstack-7.1.12-0\apps\espocrm\htdocs\cron.php from a command line inside the PHP directory and got the cron job to retrieve the emails. Thank you for your help.