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Workflow to Update Contact Status With Campaign Log Record Action

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  • Workflow to Update Contact Status With Campaign Log Record Action

    Currently, we're manually updating the field "status" of a contact with the latest "action" of the campaign log record , using this query:

    update contact
    set contact.status = ifnull(
    (select lower(campaign_log_record.action) from campaign_log_record where campaign_log_record.parent_id = order by campaign_log_record.action_date desc limit 1), 'cold')
    where contact.do_not_contact = 0 and contact.deleted = 0;
    We've recently purchased the Advanced Pack to get this job done whenever a new campaign log record is being created. However, we cannot find a way to reflect the above query using a Workflow.

    How is this supposed to be done in EspoCRM?

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    For now it is not possible to update parent entity. The only way for now is to use Run Workflow Service action ( for Campaign Log Record, triggered after record created


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      since version 1.25.0 you can update parent with workflow
      Originally posted by yurikuzn View Post
      New version 1.25.0.

      What's new:
      * Workflows: Ability to specify Reply-To address in Send Email action.
      * Workflows: Supporting parent relationship type in Update Related Entity action.
      * Report: Supporting address fields in list report columns.
      * Report: Supporting grouping by week (w/ EspoCRM version 4.8.0 and greater);
      * Report: Supporting WEEK function in complex expressions (w/ EspoCRM 4.8.0 version and greater).