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A blackboard for Espocrm

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  • A blackboard for Espocrm

    I believe that it is becoming more and more important not only to communicate with the help of emails in a company. People receive a flood of mails.

    That is why I am looking for a programmer for a
    blackboard, a pin board.

    It should be an independent entity in ESPO CRM for one or more teams.
    The users must have reading and writing access via a role.
    The board should also be displayed in the portal. The display should be seen in a dashlet. Multiple blackboards must be configurable, each blackboard should be displayed in a different dashlet.
    The dashlet is the blackboard and should display several entries with a heading (name) and the necessary content. It should also be possible to include Photos and urls should in the entries. Each entry should be marked with the date and name of the creator.


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    I made a new entity for something like this, with buttons to set the record as Read/Unread and as it is its own entity you have a home widget as well, it's not so hard to accomplish.

    This entity is used as a sort of notice board to pass important news to everyone Assigned to the record.


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      We developed an extension that uses this library:

      Excalidraw is a virtual collaborative whiteboard tool that lets you easily sketch diagrams that have a hand-drawn feel to them.

      The extension work as a new field type named Whiteboard, you can add it to any entity and manage the accessibility as any other field, made for older versions and not managed to update it, if you are interested tell me on an email to prepare a demo.
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