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Global search no longer possible after update to 7.5.1

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  • Global search no longer possible after update to 7.5.1

    Hello all,

    I updated to 7.5.1 today via CLI. Everything was done without any error messages.

    But now I have noticed that the global search in the header no longer works.
    Something is displayed with the fonts. -> see screenshot

    In addition, "Error 500" is displayed in the upper area.​

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    I updated to 7.5.1 also but do not have the issue. So it seems its not a general issue.


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      have you try clear cache browser ?
      i have updated 2 develop instance without any issue.


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        I have cleared the browser cache.
        I have cleared the cache in EspoCRM.
        I restored the backend.
        I have uninstalled all extensions as a test.
        I have used a standard template.

        All without success. The error still occurs.​


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          Can you check EspoCRM logs?


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            Damn, I hadn't even thought of that.
            An error message immediately jumped out at me and I knew where the error was.
            The error 500 had nothing to do with the update.
            I had deleted a field from an entity that was no longer needed. However, I had specified this in the entity's settings under text filter fields. I deleted it and it worked again.
            Put it on the list immediately -> check the logs first.​


            • Kharg
              Kharg commented
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              Glad that you solved your issue

            • ChrisSka83
              ChrisSka83 commented
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              Kharg But I still get the messages with the fonts.

            • espcrm
              espcrm commented
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              Life become good once there no more error when you upgrade.

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            Ah, I have the same error message in Firefox.You only see it in the browser console.

            If you search the net for "was preloaded using link preload but not used within a few seconds from the window's load event" you will find lots of posts about these kind of error/warning.

            I found this older post. Not sure how valid it still is.

            What is that preload? What does it do? And how can it help you? Preload gives developers the ability to define custom loading logic without suffering the performance penalty that script-based resource loaders incur. In human terms, it’s a way to tell a browser to start fetching a certain resource, because you as authors know that the browser is going to need that particular resource pretty soon.

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            • ChrisSka83
              ChrisSka83 commented
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              It doesn't bother me and it doesn't affect the use of EspoCRM.
              I just didn't know whether it would be considered a mistake or not.
              I only came across it because of the problem above.