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Trying to create two portals with EspoCRM installed on ionos

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  • Trying to create two portals with EspoCRM installed on ionos

    I have been looking through the forums and google for the solution to this and seems like it's a problem that has been covered but nothing I have found works in my situation. I am using hosting form ionos(1and1). I dont get a lot of access to /etc or anything requiring root so allI have is the .htaccess file. The closest to my issue was a forum post here:

    I have added everything to the rewrite rule in this htaccess in the portal directory.

    I have added RewriteRule /, /portal/, /Portal/, /api/v1/

    At the top of the file it says:
    # Some hosts may require you to use the `RewriteBase` directive.
    # If you need to use the `RewriteBase` directive, it should be the
    # absolute physical path to the directory that contains this htaccess file.‚Äč

    The absolute file path is /kunden/homepages/31/d835382402/htdocs/CRM/EspoCRM-7.2.7/public/portal and that doesn't work either.

    I think the question is, what goes in that RewriteRule or is the answer just that it doesnt work on ionos?

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    I have tried to just create one portal and set to default. I get a 404 error and "Portal index.php not found". I try to reference the code I found in the db like, https://<url>/portal/637d1062efdd7f38d/ and I get a blank page. I try public/portal/637d1062efdd7f38d/ and still get a blank page. I checked all of the file permissions and all are good.

    I set the site up in debug mode and get this after getting the 404:

    [2022-11-22 18:34:24] ERROR: (404) Portal index.php not found.; GET /public/portal/index.php; line: 104, file: /homepages/31/d835382402/htdocs/CRM/EspoCRM-7.2.7/application/Espo/Core/Portal/Application.php :: #0 /homepages/31/d835382402/htdocs/CRM/EspoCRM-7.2.7/application/Espo/Core/Portal/Application.php(56): Espo\Core\Portal\Application->initPortal('index.php') EspoCRM Forum /homepages/31/d835382402/htdocs/CRM/EspoCRM-7.2.7/application/Espo/Core/ApplicationRunners/PortalClient.php(98): Espo\Core\Portal\Application->__construct('index.php') Forum /homepages/31/d835382402/htdocs/CRM/EspoCRM-7.2.7/application/Espo/Core/Application/RunnerRunner.php(92): Espo\Core\ApplicationRunners\PortalClient->run(Object(Espo\Core\Application\Runner\Params) ) #3 /homepages/31/d835382402/htdocs/CRM/EspoCRM-7.2.7/application/Espo/Core/Application.php(81): Espo\Core\Application\RunnerRunner->run('Espo\\Core\\Appli...', Object(Espo\Core\Application\Runner\Params)) #4 /homepages/31/d835382402/htdocs/CRM/EspoCRM-7.2.7/public/portal/index.php(66): Espo\Core\Application->run('Espo\\Core\\Appli...', Object(Espo\Core\Application\Runner\Params)) Groups {main} [] []

    If I try to visit the page by its id or just /portal, I get a blank page and nothing in the log.

    Please help?


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      Looks like "#1" got changed to "EspoCRM Forum" in the post and other numbers got changed to "Forum" and "Groups"


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        Well looks like I figured it out. Thanks for ignoring me this whole time, made me learn what is going on in this product better. For anyone else having the same issue, there are three .htaccess files that need to be modified.

        /api/v1/.htaccess should have RewriteBase /api/v1/
        /portal/.htaccess should have RewriteBase /portal/
        /api/v1/portal-access/.htaccess should have RewriteBase /api/v1/portal-access

        So portals finally work! Now I get this pop up for authorization that randomly comes up so on to the search since nobody responds here.