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Change Password - docker (no docker-compose) for espocrem and mysql database

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  • Change Password - docker (no docker-compose) for espocrem and mysql database

    How do I change the password for both espocrm and the mysql database for the docker containers (not using docker-compose here)?
    Is this possible to do via the GUI? I only have one user at the moment: admin.

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    For the most possible way to pass through the interface or through the other username and you receive a connection for the initializer, and for the donation base that is in the config-internal.php file location in the data


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      Can you please be more clear? I just cannot understand at all what you are saying.
      Are you saying: just use the GUI? So go into the Administration | Users | Admin (name of user) | Edit and then change the password there? Anything else I need to do?
      (I just want to make sure I don't lock myself out of the CRM/Mysql.)


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        Hi stef204,

        To change the password for an administrator (or any user) in EspoCRM, you need to go to its detail view in the instance itself, click on the Edit button and set a new password in the appropriate fields. You can find out more about user passwords here:

        To change the user database password, you need to go to the MySQL container and change the password there. Next, you should insert this new onepassword into {ESPOCRM_ROOT}/data/config-internal.php file and make a rebuild.

        Command to enter the container (its name may vary):
        docker exec -it espocrm-mysql bash
        Commands for changing the password:

        Important: before such manipulations, make a backup of your instance: ‚Äč


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          Now I understand, thanks. I will read the instructions on the link you provided.
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