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Adding Case Types (Question, Incident, Problem, Something, Something Else)

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  • Adding Case Types (Question, Incident, Problem, Something, Something Else)

    Hi all this is my first post and I'm loving EspoCRM. I would like to use the Cases for regular support but also tracking a slightly more involved process of managing visa requirements.

    I looked through the source code and database and the only instances of the strings 'question', 'incident' and 'problem' seem to be in:
    • /data/cache/application/languages/en_US.php
    • /data/cache/application/metadata.php
    • /data/cache/application/objMetadata.php​
    and in the database's cases.type field (varchar) for existing cases.

    Does anyone know if I can simply edit the three files above to add additional case types and repeat the process after any updates in order to provide additional options in the selection.

    Or is there some other method of doing so more robustly?

    Thanks in advance for your help.

    Edit: To clarify, I only need any way to segregate regular support requests from the visa support request.
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    You can edit available field options at Administration > Entity Manager > Case > Fields > Type > Options.


    • yuri
      yuri commented
      Editing a comment
      After you edited the field via the UI, a file custom/Espo/Custom/Resources/metadata/entityDefs/Case.json will be created. JFI.

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    Oh wow, that opens everything up, I had no idea. Thank you very much Yuri.