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Contact working in few accounts issue

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  • Contact working in few accounts issue

    I have a problem, but has no idea how to solve it. Might be someone from there or ESPO team will offer a solution.
    My case:
    Contact "John Smith" is working in "Company A" and "Company B", so it's really cool to see in CRM that by Contact's assigned Accounts and job position.
    Because of that my contact has assigned two mails "" and "". In this case one them must be set as primary, let it be ""

    My problem become when I creating a meeting and want to invite John as representative of "Company B". By default system adding contact and creates invitation letter to "default" mail, so I didn't find a easy way how to send invitation to "" as "Company B" representative.

    I have workaround to change default mail, send invitation and change default mail back after that, but it not a case I would like to be. Another workaround is to create two separate contact for "Company B" and "Company A", but then I'll kose the visibility that it's the same person working in few companies, which is also very useful information in CRM.

    Does anyone can share their experience how you deal with a contacts who are important persons in few organisations, like IT admins taking care of many SMBs' ? And how to invite a contact as representative of particular company in my case with correct email addressed?

    - there are chat's GPT version of my request if it's look too complicated to understand the issue root causes:
    "I have a problem with my ESPO CRM system. I have a contact named John Smith who works for two different companies, Company A and Company B. I want to know how to invite John for a meeting as a representative of Company B using his Company B email, but my CRM always uses his Company A email by default. I'm looking for advice on how to handle contacts who work for multiple companies and how to invite them correctly when they represent a specific company."
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    Hello partomas
    obviously it's not a bug on EspoCRM, that's proper behave because EspoCRM sends invitation to primary email. There is no information inside espocrm which could link specific email to account A or B. I would probably try to track those emails based on domain in email address? There is a service called Send invitations in Advanced pack which can be used in flowcharts and there you can specify some details in json but i didn't tried that.


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      From my point of view, it would be helpful feature when I add contact to meeting system brings me an option to select which one of that contact's mails I would like to use for this event. Very similar feature would be useful in send mail or another actions for a multi-mail contacts or accounts.

      Ant yes f it's a system sending the default is fine, but I'm talking about manual actions the managers do in CRM.