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Duplicate check for linked field

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  • Duplicate check for linked field

    It seems, that it is not possible to create a duplicate check, if the field is of type multiple link. Is there any way to implement that?

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    Hi shalmaxb,

    Perhaps these examples may be useful:


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      Unfortunately I did not get it to work. This solution asks for a recordService, which I don`t know, where and how to implement.


      • lazovic
        lazovic commented
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        You don't need to create anything new, this is built-in formula functionality that will be available in EspoCRM 7.5.

        Please describe exactly how the duplicate check should work for you and with what links/relationships/field types, and I will try to create a suitable formula for you.

      • shalmaxb
        shalmaxb commented
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        lazovic, thank you for your nice offer. I have another thread, where I attached a graphic for my entities:
        To better understand, which is my problem, I attached an image to explain. I have three entities: Object, History and History Stations I want to create a history of an object, which gets some data from the entity objects (where all objects are stored) and from another entity, called history stations, where every record

        The only thing I changed there already is the n:n relationship, it is a 1:n now. But ther is the problem with the one-to-one relationship where I would like to have the linked record duplicate checked.
        I hope, it is understandable, what I wrote.

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      I solved that problem by duplicate check. Will not prevent from creating a duplicate, but the alert message appears.
      The solution was to get rid of the one-to-one relationship and using a 1:n instead. I made the duplicate check on top of the linkedFieldId and that worked.

      Thank you again for you help and a fat kudos to espoCRM!