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Problem with pdf cyrillic

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  • Problem with pdf cyrillic

    Help solve the problem. I create a pdf document, the text is in Cyrillic, the font is Times New Roman, question marks appear behind the text. How to fix ? Thank you

    Version CRM: Version 7.1.7

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    Does Times New Roman support Cyrillic?

    Secondly you might want to try other font.

    You may also want to upgrade and use domPDF as it might have better language support (or worse, I don't know).

    Also try posting the text itself in the forum, maybe other people like me can try on our system and give you feedback.


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      Dear friend, thanks for your reply! Another font works well and everything is displayed. I would like to use the Times New Roman font. Text "Документы"


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        If it doesn't work for Time New Romain then time new romain don't support it! You have to find another similar to Times New Roman that does support those type of text. Oddly it should work, I tested on my MSoft words and it does support, so something wrong with the Font. I tried on the demo version and it label as "Time" so I don't think it the same font as TIme New Roman. You may want to try to install the font on your system. Or give the dubas' google font extension a try. It free.