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Own reminders are seen by all users

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  • Own reminders are seen by all users

    Having the following issue:

    Any planed call or meeting having a reminder, and set privately by and for any user, ends up showing the popup to all the users of the CRM when its time arrives.

    I other words, all user in the CRM receive the reminders belonging to any other user.

    Obviously in Rol profiles both "Calls" an "Meetings" are set to "Own",

    How can I solve this issue?

    Thanks a lot.
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    Steps to reproduce are required in bug reports The description is ambiguous for me.


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      Reminders are created for all users associated with the meeting. It's a behavior since 2014.


      • jeamado
        jeamado commented
        Editing a comment
        In the cases we are having this issue the reminders appear in the screen of all users, even those that are not associated with the meeting. Even in calls the only user associated is who created the call.

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      I can catch with F12 the exact moment.

      F12 Dark screen os the user who set the planned call

      F12 Light screen user who receive the reminder along with the rest of the organisation.

      Other new issue that maybe is related: One user is logged in in his "user", ang suddenly after refreshing the browser is seeing the screen of other user. This is very strange b behaviour.

      This behaviour started after I migrated from a server which not had CLI to a new one which does have CLI in orfer to upgrade to V7.4.3. Nevertheless I had tu upgrade in "manual mode" from V7.3.4 to V7.4.3 because CLI upgrade did not do the job. It download the new version but never installed it.
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