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Feature request is frozen until mid-end Juny 2023

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  • Feature request is frozen until mid-end Juny 2023

    as espoCRM is for me at the end of "State of Art".. i hope many people read this for not disturb Yuri and post on github.

    i am really "impatient" to see or info about the next project of Yuri.

    Please do not feature request on github.

    Please only bug if you are "absoluty knowlegde" it's a bug, test in demo .. before and give all info

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    I plan to focus on some internal long standing tasks and then on updating codebase of our extensions.


    • yuri
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      There's also a set of improvements in the backlog which I would like to address in v7.6. So there's no shortage of feature requests at the moment.

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    I think there is no issue to continue posting Feature Request. Just don't expected it to be in v7.5

    I monitor the Git so I can beta test new 'feature I can't wait' and I don't see much feature request anyway.

    I remember seeing about 400 Open Issue (if I remember correctly!), but now it got cut down to ~100, so Yuri have been Spring cleanings between v7.3 to 7.5.