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    Hi all,

    I'm curious if anyone has changed over to the dompdf engine and tried any of the more advanced stuff.

    When I started with dompdf I tried for an hour to get a background image to work, but it somehow doesn't work, even though an img tag with the same url in the src does work. In the end I hacked together a solution with absolute positioning and z-index: -1

    Some other stuff I'd love to try needs an external stylesheet, does anyone know how I would go about adding that to the pdf?
    Using an external stylesheet we could use CSS paged media to create a seperate cover page, which would allow for a cover page without the default page header/footer. Imho that would be quite an accomplishment.

    What are your experiences so far?

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    Very quiet on this topic so either nothing changed or any sharing of information yet.

    I want to start testing it too but don't know where to start. For some reason I can't find any documents on this. And I don't want to litter the Github with this question.


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      I used to use FusionInvoice (that uses DomPDF) before switching to EspoCRM. I'm about to port some of the templates over from FI and can get back to you with some examples when I'm done.


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        Dompdf is capable of rendering SVG images.

        The esignature extension allows now to print documents with esignature directly to PDF if desired.

        For me that was enough to justify the switch.
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