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Problems after Update EspoCRM (Email and Listview)

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  • Problems after Update EspoCRM (Email and Listview)


    we have now upgraded from version 5.6.X to the latest version 7.3.4. updated. Now we have found the following errors:

    1. In the list view, a field of a connected entity suddenly disappears. The entry exists but the list does not display it. It's about "multiple links"

    2. Emails sent by workflows are no longer sent in the new EspoCRM. Has cron access changed?

    What could that be?​
    Thank you for your answers...

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    Since the update, every "Job" is "Pending". Bevor the update, all works fine.

    What could that be?​

    (Language is german) Schwebend = Pending


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      2.) is solved. The cron call has changed.

      But 1.) is very peculiar...

      The relations of the entities are available, we have checked that. But the list view no longer works with "multiple links". In the layout editor, the fields can no longer be added once they have been set to Inactive as a test.


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        Hi animax,

        Provide the following information to investigate this issue in more detail:

        1. Screenshot of your crontab terminal settings.
        2. Screenshot of Administration -> System Requirements.
        3. Screenshot of Administration -> Scheduled Jobs.


        • espcrm
          espcrm commented
          Editing a comment
          I think he solve the CRON issue, next issue is the "Multiple Links".

          Personally my Multiple Links still work (I use it for my "Asset":Contact)

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        Hi, the problems are solved. It was because for some reason in the new EspoCRM version, unlike the old version, the Ralations have to be checked: Link several fields