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Conditional email regarding value in a field

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  • Conditional email regarding value in a field

    hello i use flowcharts to manage my workflow
    in same flow i need send information via email but not same email if user set value in a select field
    what is th the best way ?
    adding a gateways or en event ?
    thanks for any help

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    i think gateway would work better in this case hence it is more than one condition. go with gateway for sure.


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      hi i need to understand more gatway
      i create one to sen email notification
      but i don't understand why it doesnt send email ? if any one can explain ?
      Click image for larger version

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        this gateway is called "Exclusive". That's mean, that it'll only go in one direction. If you click on it, you'll see that you set for each direction specific conditions. It can't go into multiple directions. For this purpose, you should use Parallel Gateway. You can check example from our espo. First exclusive gateway checks language, then it redirects to parallel gateway and this gateway run multiple actions.
        Click image for larger version

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          ah ok
          1 adding parralel gateway before exclusive (existing gateway)
          2 adding condition for email to parralel gateway
          that it ?
          note : did you have some news about strip dev ?


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            yberges we already finished part of extension, but we want to add payouts to extension, so still working on it. Will update you on email.

            Please specify your questions about gateways if you need information