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Best way to delete system emails?

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  • Best way to delete system emails?

    Hi, DB reached 12GB, 10 out of 12 is "email" table
    is there a smart way of deleting all system emails, like task updates, lead updates, etc, let's say, sent from the system, more than 6 months ago..
    I can run a command to delete via MySQL, but, probably there is a better option out there.
    What do you think?

    Thank you!

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    i think it is the best option because i searched a lot on google but i can't find better option from this...


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        I have a similar question recently about "Clean Up logs" but I have a feeling it will become my issue as well in probably at the end of 2023...

        Did you get a solution that is to your satisfaction yet?

        Here is my current plan at the moment:

        1) Archive all email offline.
        2a) Do a few test on the offline download email.
        2b) Backup a copy of the Database.
        3) Need to mark these email that is now "Archived Offline"
        4) Delete all the older email from a old time period both in EspoCRM and Email Host.
        5) Hope for the best that I don't need to access these archived email often.

        Hopefully by the time we run into this issue, we have a Database replacement or a better solution... My host database size limit is 10GB, I'm 50% mark at the moment so it won't be long before reaching this dangerous issue.

        And it not like we can "split" into two database and use both, one for email and the other everything else... or multiple database for email, etc... *hint* maybe Yuri will add this in 2023!?
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          >Did you get a solution that is to your satisfaction yet?
          ‚ÄčNope, I have not, DB is growing and I will have to do something, one day, I think that we need some sort of an email management tool, as we have for attachments, so we can unload and then, delete some emails (with filters), for instance.

          yuri - probably you are super busy, just FYI, what if you guys will add "Email management" in administration where we can unload, upload, and delete email messages (db is growing so fast), if unloaded, tar.file will have a key, so you can safely upload that file back, again, if you need to. Also, once unloaded, we could delete all these emails from the system, however, we can probably keep their "reference" so if someone clicks, it would show an "unloaded message". I know, it's easy to say, but just keep that in mind. And thanks!